Post market services

  1. Inspection and enforcement of laws and regulations

This section is responsible for review and implementation of disciplinary or punitive orders (in cooperation with relevant entities) on all the public and private establishments that are involved in manufacturing, importation, storage, dispensing and distribution of medicines and health products. The review and inspections can be carried out before the award of the permit, so that it’s made sure that the establishments are in consistency with the proposed standards, or the inspection and review can be fulfilled after the award of the lermit in order to ensure the implementation of standards or addressing the complaints. This section, considering its laod of work and required expertise, will at least have three departments:

  1. Inspection of national and foreign manufacturing company and award of certificate of good production practices for the local producers
  2. Review and inspection of storage and distribution centers of products
  3. Inspection of medical stores, traditional medicine, and certain other health products in the market

Every department will have one head and several inspection specialists and all their activities will take place according to the standard proceudres and written documents. This section is responsible for coordination and recollection of harmful products from the market, monitoring the safe disposal of medicines and data collection on disposed and eliminated medicines in the country.

  1. Market surveillance (pharmacovigilance)

The PV surveillance section, in cooperation with relevant technical committee and the relevant organizations, is responsible for the regular surveillance and collectiong of all types of information about safety (especially adverse reactions), quality and effectiveness of registered products, analysis and scientific study about collected information and presenting recommendations TO THE NMHRA according to the findings. This section considering its activities will have the following departments.

  1. PV information collection and analysis center
  2. Medicine and health products quality complaints collection section
  1. Promotions and advertisements control

The promotion and advertisement control section is responsible for the evaluation and confirmation of advertisements and approval of texts of advertisements according to the legislative documents and ethical and technical standards, and making sure that the wrong and improper information is not disseminated to the prescribers and consumers. This section will have two main duties and responsibilities: First evaluation of advertisements, and second approval of advertisements.